Access Control


Lost Car Keys Sydney has been in the automotive locksmith field for more than a decade and has provided security services to the Sydney wide customers within this time. We provide you with trustworthy access control systems and treat you as our important business companion. We take complete care and attention in providing you with each and every solution to all the problems you might come across. Lost car key crew listens to all your problems and analyse the situation to provide you with and apt security service that satisfies you in every ways.

Hassle-free and Secure access

Lost car keys, automatic vehicle access control system are capable of providing a hassle free and secure entry to the customer. In the current security conscious yet dangerous world, there is certainly a growth in need of a proper and reliable personal and property safety companion. That is where we come in. We can provide you with safe, reliable and hands-free access control system for vehicles of all made wherever it is parked.

The RFID tags which are attached to the authorised vehicle allows the vehicle to pass through the barricade as it automatically opens. It only permits and authorised vehicle to get inside a certain facility and other cars or any other vehicle without access are blocked. You can also configure the alerts according to the requirements of your office or facility. Other security systems like real time tracking of your vehicle can also be integrated easily with us.

Advantages of working with us

  • A tamper-proof method serves as the initial layer of security to your home or business.
  • Alerts are generated and can be transferred via text message system or email to necessary individuals like security staff, managers, owners, etc.
  • In order to personalise interactions, the system is capable of integrating the company or facility’s automation system and access elevators and other systems like audio-video equipment.
  • We assure you complete agreement with industry standards as the services are non-proprietary and comply industry-standard RFID hardware and tags.

Thus, we concentrate on providing economical access control system that enables automatic recognition and data capture services for vehicles. Our system is also capable of easily getting vehicular access with the help of a configurable rules engine. You can easily setup and modify the controls for access of vehicles. You can reconfigure the entire system for maximum securities and be prepare even in case of any emergency services. Customers from all around the Sydney wide industries have been always pleased for providing them such a completely secure and dedicated access control solution.

For any details regarding access control system, contact us. We have been providing the people of Sydney with unrivaled solutions for all their needs. Lost car keys is the one stop shop for all your vehicle security needs and access control solutions. No matter where you are, who you are and what you want, we are always happy to help you solve your problem the very day you approach us. Dial us and know for yourself.